California Coalition of Domestic Referral Agencies

Who We Are

CCDRA is a non-profit mutual benefit member organization of Domestic Referral Agencies (DRA's) in California. CCDRA was established to provide awareness and education of the regulations under which our business model operates, as well as to form a united group in the protection of that model. CCDRA members and board of directors are owner and operators of DRA's.

Domestic Referral Agency

A DRA is a business that refers domestic help to private homes. The workers they refer are not their employees, but are independent domestic workers. By operating under this business model, the Domestic Referral Agency offers the domestic worker the freedom to operate independently, while passing the financial savings to the consumer.

The result: An independent domestic worker who has control of his/her working environment and income and a consumer that has the choice of a more cost effective way to engage domestic service providers.

What We Do

Education through Workshop presentations and the CCDRA DRA Handbook.
Resources shared on the CCDRA website and through informative emails.
Support of members by providing timely responses to members’ questions and concerns.
Strength and unity through the shared goals of a growing coalition.
Protection of the Domestic Referral Agencies legal right to operate in California by monitoring and acting on legislative action that could impact our business model.

Working Together

Owners and operators of Domestic Referral Agencies have been involved in serving on both the California Small Business Employer Advisory Committee (SBEAC) and the Private Care Association (PCA), a national in-home care registry association. Since 1993, CCDRA Workshops have been presented throughout California, to inform Domestic Referral Agency owners and operators about the State Civil and Unemployment Codes, and other factors that regulate the Business Model, to encourage compliance with these laws.

The Benefits of Being a Domestic Referral Agency


The Domestic Referral Agency business model is the only legal means to refer domestic workers to private homes in the state of California.


It allows Consumer’s access to domestic services at reasonable rates.


Domestic Workers access jobs through the agency, giving them the freedom to arrange their own schedules and increase their earnings.


The DRA model is a highly beneficial business model that encourages more small business owners to enter into the marketplace, boosting the economy.


Consumers enjoy a cost-effective alternative to the increasing number of large-scale national businesses.

Underground Economy

DRA reporting requirements lead to the collection of income taxes and other financial obligations of registered workers, thereby mitigating the effects of the underground economy.