CCDRA Mission

Serving our Members


through Workshop presentations and the CCDRA DRA Handbook.


shared on the CCDRA website and through informative emails.


of members by providing timely responses to members’ questions and concerns.


and unity through the shared goals of a growing coalition


of the Domestic Referral Agencies legal right to operate in California by monitoring and acting on legislative action that could impact our business model.
Operating without the full knowledge, understanding and compliance of the regulatory requirements puts businesses at risk in the event of a government audit or labor dispute. CCDRA Workshops provide the information you need regarding the specific laws that regulate California Domestic Referral Agencies: CCDRA Workshop presentations are offered in Northern and Southern California to members and potential members. CCDRA also sells a DRA Handbook that provides members with invaluable information to assist in legally operating as a Domestic Referral Agency.
There are many resources provided to members, including Website Members Only with many important resources and links to relative government forms, pamphlets and publications; a resource list of attorneys and other professionals enabling members to connect with professionals who are familiar with our industry and periodic group emails containing informational updates that are pertinent to their business. In addition, as a member you may purchase a DRA Handbook that provides members with invaluable information to assist in legally operating as a Domestic Referral Agency.
CCDRA is the only member-group supporting California DRAs. In addition to the many resources available to members, CCDRA Board members are available to members by phone or email to answer questions and discuss concerns. If the Board member doesn’t have a ready answer, he or she will do the research to find the answer or attempt to find a referral to do so.
We are stronger together! CCDRA has influenced California state law through the grass roots efforts of its membership and through lobbyists fighting on behalf of our coalition. CCDRA works to strengthen our industry by making members aware of the laws that govern our industry and by sharing information to help members be compliant with law. When joining CCDRA, each new member makes the commitment to learn and comply with applicable laws, and with each new member committing to this standard, our industry is strengthened. CCDRA also strives to grow our organization by continually increasing membership through phone calls, direct mail, emails and Website search engine optimization.
CCDRA remains vigilant in protecting the Domestic Referral Agency Model right to operate in California by monitoring legislation and taking pro-active measures when legislative or other concerns arise. When damaging legislation has been introduced against our industry, CCDRA members’ grass roots efforts defeated the attempts of large corporations to eliminate their competition through the legislature. When necessary, CCDRA has engaged lobbyists on behalf of our membership in order to have a strong voice at the capitol in Sacramento. Attempts to put Domestic Referral Agencies out of business have been made in the past and will continue in the future. Together, we have defeated these attempts, and together, we can defeat attempts in the future.